Monday, December 26, 2022

Remembering my great grandpa

On Christmas morning, my great grandpa Artie passed. He had turned 92 years old in October. Although we live almost 8 hours apart, I always felt an immediate connection with him every time I was fortunate enough to visit. There were a lot of those familiar “Haish traits,” and to think that so many of them came directly from him— the drive to work hard, be stubborn and honest but loving, and the ability to exaggerate a story like you’d never believe— was special. He always had a big smile and restless energy. 

In spring 2016 after a visit with him, I came home, opened a new blog website and typed "A Twist in History: The Jacob Haish Story." My visit with him that weekend piqued my curiosity (even more) into my family history. It was a project I'd been debating starting for a while, but seeing his interest in it sealed the deal. He always told me he couldn’t wait to read my Jacob Haish book. I didn’t get it done in time for him to read it, but as time passes and I continue to work on it, he will be in my thoughts. 

I’ll always think fondly of my memories with my “grandpa Artie,” from watching “Mollie B Polka Party” on RFD-TV to talking about old family photos around the kitchen table. I’m happy he was able to meet my husband Chris and give him the nod of approval. 

I’m so sad that he is gone but very grateful for the time we had together.

Arthur Vernon Haish, 1930-2022

Haish blog interview with Artie Haish