Wednesday, April 19, 2023

More Haish postcards

The Haish School | Courtesy of Eva Johnson, "TheFamilyLibrarian"

Jacob Haish Company | Courtesy of Eva Johnson, "TheFamilyLibrarian"

The Haish Memorial Library | Courtesy of Eva Johnson, "TheFamilyLibrarian"

Haish's New Electric Power and Gas Engine Plant | Courtesy of Eva Johnson, "TheFamilyLibrarian"
Thanks to Eva Johnson, curator of an incredible DeKalb County postcards Flickr site, for sharing these postcards with us. Click the images to enlarge, and see her collection by clicking HERE

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Chanticleer engine at work

This photo, noted with "probably taken around 1914" on the reverse side, shows a Haish Chanticleer engine powering a Sandwich hay press. While there aren't any more details about this particular image, it's a fantastic snapshot of agricultural history. Thanks to Shawn Rogers for sharing with us. Click the image to enlarge.

Chanticleer engine powering a Sandwich hay press | Photo provided by Shawn Rogers
To learn more about Chanticleer engines, click HERE

To learn more about Sandwich Manufacturing, click HERE

Monday, April 3, 2023

Chanticleer Gasoline Engines pamphlet

Orrin Merritt shared this fascinating pamphlet with us: Chanticleer Gasoline Engines by the Jacob Haish Company. I've attached most of the images below; click to enlarge. Haish's "Chanticleer" line was his most recognizable. 

"My grandfather was a farmer and was a part of a group of farmers that collectively worked the fields together," Orrin said. "He had the thrasher and others had other equipment. The pamphlet was in paperwork that he kept."

Thanks to Orrin for sharing such a great piece of history! Learn more about these engines by clicking here