Sunday, May 17, 2020

1917 Farm Implement News Buyer's Guide

The 1917 Farm Implement News Buyer's Guide advertised many products available for purchase from the Jacob Haish Co. in DeKalb. 

The most notable was this advertisement from the book:

1917 Farm Implement News Buyer's Guide via Google books


Gasoline Engines and Feed Grinders are different --- and better. They were designed and built to meet the exacting farmer's needs and will give long satisfactory service in every respect. Chanticleer's Engines deliver more power on less fuel than any other gasoline engine made. We have a complete line of Chanticleer Engines for every possible use --- from 1 1/2 to 22 h.p. --- and every one of them carries the ironclad "Haish Guarantee." Write for prices.

The Chanticleer Feed Grinder has a larger capacity than most grinders and will produce from 6 to 30 bushels of perfectly ground, evenly mixed feed per hour with from 3 to 6 h.p. It is a splendid all-purpose grinder for ear corn, small grain or mixed grain. Write for prices.

FREE. Our 48-page book shows our complete line of Gasoline Engines, Feed Grinders, Silo Fillers, Wood Saws, Pump Jacks, Washing Machines, Ear Corn Slicers and Barrel Carts. Write for a copy today.

Jacob Haish Co.

37 Haish Avenue, DeKalb, Ill."

In the section titled " General Directory of the Manufacturers," this is what's listed as "goods" available from the Jacob Haish Co.:

"Gasoline engines (stationary, portable and skidded), binder engines, wood saws (steel and wood frame), portable saw outfits equipped with engines, feed grinders, corn and cob grinders, pump jacks, washing machines (belt power and electric), pumping outfits, farm trucks, farm and home lighting plants, barrel carts, milk carts, silo fillers."

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Church's appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Haish

Written appreciation to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Haish | Northern Illinois University Archives, Waite W. Embree Collection

"'We are laborers together with God.'
First Corinthians 3:9

On behalf of the members of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of DeKalb and of the citizens of this community, we the Official Board of this Church, hereby express to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Haish our appreciation of the very generous manner in which they have co-operated in the building of our new house of worship. May Earth's choicest blessing attend them, and may we enjoy their companionship for years to come.

Dated September 29, 1909

Frank W. Ray, Pres., S.F. Parson, Sec., Girard Hammond, M.D. Shipman, G.L. Oakland, J.M. Piper, G.H. Salisbury, S.E. Bradt, Andrew Bradt; Stewards. R.P. Culver, P.N. Joslin, Gabriel W. Jacobson, E.S. Hurd, F.L. Terwilliger, Clifford S. Hunt, John T. Bowles, E.O. Wood, Edward C. Page, D.E. Moon, W.S. Voust, C.E. Bradt, S.W. Patten"