I started this project in April 2016 with little knowledge of Jacob Haish and his life, but I was eager to learn everything. 

I've been fortunate that many people in the community have shared their stories and collections with me. Without their assistance, this project would not be possible. Thank you to everyone who has shared their interest, passion, knowledge and expertise with me. Thank you to every person who has taken time to read a post or press "Like" on Facebook; you keep me going.

I want to highlight Steve Bigolin, Jeff Marshall, Rob Glover, for offering me so much of their time and resources. You are all so great at what you do, and this community is lucky to have you in it.

Special thanks to Maria Krull and Shelley Hendricks, my former advisers at the Northern Star, who encouraged me to take on this project, and to the late Barry Schrader for being a mentor of mine. And to my father, Kevin Haish, as well as my husband, Chris LaRue -- thank you for being the biggest supporters of my writing.

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