Friday, May 27, 2016

Sophia the Inventor

It appears that Jacob wasn't the only Haish who could fashion an invention with wire.

Sophia, Jacob Haish's wife, had patents on modifications to the safety pin, as seen below. 

Robert Glover, local history buff and Glidden Homestead executive director, shared this document. He said Sophia's patent was something of local lore he had heard about, but only recently looked into.

"The way I've talked about this at Glidden is that there are so many patents in DeKalb County in this period, and across history for that matter, that even Mrs. Haish, they say, had a patent," Glover said. "This doesn't even take into account those people who invented stuff and thought, "'Well, I fixed my problem, but I'm not going to mess with Chicago patent lawyers or Washington, DC.''" 

If you look closely you'll see Jacob listed as a witness on the patent.  

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