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The below article was published in the Sept. 18, 1916, edition of the Sycamore True Republican, as provided by the Joiner History Room:

Superintendent of Wisconsin State Fair Buys Machinery For Himself
Local Mechanism is Chosen Above All of the Famous Kinds of the Country at State Fair

Superintendent Allan Hinds of the Haish industries is feeling highly pleased today over a little business news concerning the famous Haish engines. 

It seems that the Haish concern had a big exhibit at Milwaukee last week at the Wisconsin state fair in charge of Messrs. Rose and Gibler. At the same fair were the products of a score or more of other engine factories and the competition for orders was hot.

After looking thoroughly into the merits of the various machines, Mr. Chinock, superintendent of the fair, member of the Wisconsin legislature and a prominent farmer, ordered a lot of Haish machinery over the others exhibited there and asked the Haish people to establish an agency at his home town of Hudson.

This unsought for and voluntary expression of confidence in the DeKalb machine pleases the local officials very much. The firm has exhibits now at Elkhorn, Wis., Knoxville, and Aledo, Ill., under charge of Messrs. Briggs, Curns, and Needham and next week they will all unite in an exhibit at the Peoria fair.

Details of a Haish gas engine currently owned by Haish family descendant Jeff Marshall. | Photo by Jessi LaRue

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