Friday, October 27, 2017

Barb City Bank takes shape

Barb City Bank check, courtesy of Steve Bigolin. Click image to enlarge.

Printed in the Dec. 9, 1885, edition of the Sycamore True Republican:

"That $100,000 project has taken definite shape, and the curious as well as the interested public can have an opportunity, on Thanksgiving day, between the hours of 8 and 10, of inspecting a new bank. It is to be called the "Barb City Bank," with Jacob Haish as president, and Paul Holm as cashier.

The office furniture and belongings will be of the latest design, and everything pertaining to the outfit will be designed with special care for the comfort and accommodation of its patrons, while giving ample security for the safe keeping and accounting of all funds entrusted to its protection. Not only is the vault fire proof, but within its walls will dwell a burglar and fire proof safe of the very latest pattern, provided with a time lock and all the modern improvements that skilled labor can invent to make it absolutely secure. The vault will also be provided with a set of fire proof, securely locked, drawers, where persons desirous of depositing valuable papers, silverware, etc., can do so, having entire control of their own key. They can at any time inspect or change or look over their contents in the private room of the bank without being disturbed. To parties leaving home for a season this feature of the bank will supply a growing need.

Arrangements are made for furnishing Chicago, New York and foreign exchange, and the utmost attention will be given to needs of the people. Mr. Haish desires it understood that the most gentlemanly treatment and courtesy will be accorded all. An exchange, loan and discount business will be done on the most liberal terms. The bank will occupy the room of the "S" barb wire office, the latter moving to rooms overhead on the second floor."

Thanks to Joiner History Room for providing this article.

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