Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Church's appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Haish

Written appreciation to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Haish | Northern Illinois University Archives, Waite W. Embree Collection

"'We are laborers together with God.'
First Corinthians 3:9

On behalf of the members of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of DeKalb and of the citizens of this community, we the Official Board of this Church, hereby express to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Haish our appreciation of the very generous manner in which they have co-operated in the building of our new house of worship. May Earth's choicest blessing attend them, and may we enjoy their companionship for years to come.

Dated September 29, 1909

Frank W. Ray, Pres., S.F. Parson, Sec., Girard Hammond, M.D. Shipman, G.L. Oakland, J.M. Piper, G.H. Salisbury, S.E. Bradt, Andrew Bradt; Stewards. R.P. Culver, P.N. Joslin, Gabriel W. Jacobson, E.S. Hurd, F.L. Terwilliger, Clifford S. Hunt, John T. Bowles, E.O. Wood, Edward C. Page, D.E. Moon, W.S. Voust, C.E. Bradt, S.W. Patten"

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