Monday, June 20, 2016

Find of the Week: Haish lease information

Haish descendant Pam Haish-Brockhaus, of DeKalb, shared these documents with me. These are portions of lease agreements for Jacob Haish properties in DeKalb, possibly the buildings near the "H" on Fisk Avenue.
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Not much is known about these documents, but portions include "refrain from all unnecessary noise," and "do not park cars on lawns." Pam received the documents from the family of her late husband, Pat Brockhaus. Not only is Jacob Haish Pam's great, great uncle, but she has a connection to him on her late husband's side of the family. Pat Brockhaus' grandfather, Roy Miller, was Jacob Haish's maintenance man for many of his buildings, Pam said.

Pam spoke with Miller about Jacob Haish before he passed away. Miller told Pam that Jacob Haish was "good to work for, a good man and always funny."
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 Thanks to Pam Haish-Brockhaus for sharing these documents.

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