Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jacob Haish's will

A sign on the "Haish floor" of Barb City Manor, 680 Haish Blvd., DeKalb. Haish's will left funds for Haish Memorial Hospital, which today is the Barb City Manor retirement community. | Photo by Jessi LaRue
Jacob Haish's will seems telling of his character. The document emphasizes the projects he wanted to contribute to throughout DeKalb, while his entire family is mentioned in one brief paragraph, the eighth section.

In one document Haish expressed his desire for his money to go toward a public library, a hospital (now known as Barb City Manor,) and much more. I find that the document is an interesting read. Check out the document below; it's best viewed on a larger screen.

Thanks to Steve Bigolin for sharing.

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