Friday, July 29, 2016

"Pleasantest Gatherings of the Half Century Club"

The Haish Mansion in DeKalb | Photo courtesy of Steve Bigolin
This article below, provided by the Joiner History Room, is notated as a page one story from the May 5, 1906, edition of the DeKalb Evening Chronicle:
"The Half Century Club and a half dozen neighbors were entertained at the home of Mrs. Jacob Haish yesterday afternoon in a most pleasing manner. 

There seemed a happiness and jollity to pervade the company a little out of the usual order. While piecing blocks for quilts the ladies sang old time songs and there were a number of fine singers present, who enjoyed this part of the program.

An elaborate luncheon was served of substantial viands and delicacies of the season.

Mrs. I.L. Ellwood, who has been spending the winter in her Florida home was present and surprised the club by presenting them with orange colored majolica pitchers. On one side were the inscription, "From Florida" and on the other side were raised orange blossoms for decorations, and almost natural enough to imagine the odor was in them.

Mr. Haish presented each of the ladies with a spool of thread, which was excavated from the Opera House ruins.

Yesterday will long be remembered as one of the very pleasantest gatherings of the Half Century Club."

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