Monday, August 8, 2016

Jacob Haish Buys Car

Courtesy of Regional History Center, Northern Illinois University
The article below was published in the April 30, 1913, edition of the Sycamore True Republican.

Aged Manufacturer Succumbs to Lure At Last, and Is Now Owner of An Automobile
Jacob Haish purchased an automobile yesterday. The manufacturer having made up his mind transacted this business with characteristic promptness. He motioned to Ernest Carter who was driving a new car along leisurely in front of the bank. Mr. Carter came over to the sidewalk and Mr. Haish stepped into the car.

"Where to?" Asked the driver.

"Anywhere," replied the banker.

The Sycamore road looked good, so they took a ride out over the brick and the macadam, the cement and the hard dirt road. The day was perfect but for a trifle of dust in the air that scarcely marred it. Mr. Haish and the driver took a turn about Sycamore and then turned back for DeKalb.

"What is the price of this car?" asked Mr. Haish as they arrived at the bank.

The information was given to him.

"Come in and get a check and take the car up to my stable," was the reply. 

The car that has met Mr. Haish's favor is an Overland.

  Thanks to the Joiner History Room for sharing this article.

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