Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Haish Sidewalk Lives On

Slabs of the "Haish mansion sidewalk" are at a DeKalb warehouse. They are property of Jim Hovis. | Photo by Jessi LaRue
The sidewalk that once outlined Jacob Haish's property is still in use.

Jim Hovis, of DeKalb, salvaged the limestone sidewalk 15-20 years ago, he says, when he witnessed it being discarded in dump trucks while it was being replaced with concrete. 

The top surface of the sidewalk has obvious wear and tear, but the bottom of the limestone sidewalk is very smooth.

Local lore (and the photo below) tell that the sidewalks near Haish's mansion were a popular gathering spot, particularly for children. Stories say that the smooth, limestone sidewalks were the best in town for marbles, roller skating and more.
A photo shows children playing on the sidewalk outside of the Haish mansion. | Photo provided by Steve Bigolin
Today, slabs of the limestone sidewalk are kept at one of Hovis' DeKalb warehouses. He has also put pieces of the sidewalk to use -- they are now steps outside of the office of his company, Hearing Help Express, located near downtown DeKalb at 105 N. First St.
Jim Hovis, sits on steps that were made of the limestone "Haish sidewalks." The steps can be found near the parking lot outside of Hearing Help Express, 105 N. First St., in DeKalb. | Photo by Jessi LaRue

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