Sunday, October 9, 2016

Jacob Haish's rein holder patent

Jacob Haish's patents included barbed wire, wire stretchers, window screens, and even rein holders.

Haish describes his 1890 patent for a "rein holder and indicating plate" in the patent papers:

"...the objects of my invention are, first, to provide a suitable plate adapted to be attached to a carriage or other vehicle in a conspicuous place for the purpose of having properly inscribed thereon the name of the owner of the vehicle, the trade-name of the latter, if there be such, or the name and location of the maker or owner, or any other advertising matter; second, to provide said plate with strong clasps so located in reference to the dash-board or other suitable part of the vehicle as that the reins may be simultaneously detachably inserted therein and removed therefrom, and, third, to attach said plate by a double-headed bolt or bolts, which shall present a finished appearance on both sides of the plate."

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