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Printed in the Feb. 19, 1926, edition of the DeKalb Daily Chronicle:

"Grand Old Man" of DeKalb Numbered His Friends in Every Walk of Life.

Genuine sorrow entered the hearts of hundreds of residents of this city and the surrounding community with the death of Jacob Haish. No resident of this city ever had more friends in every walk of life than did Mr. Haish. When Mrs. Haish died a few years ago, the entire community sorrowed with the grieved helpmate who was left, as he termed it, alone in the world. That same sorrow, even more profound, is being felt today with the death of "DeKalb's Grand Old Man." 

It seems but a short time since he made his daily visit to the Haish State bank, where he would sit contentedly in his easy rocker and greet friends who never failed to stop and have a word of greeting with him. Business men, in a hurry, would spare a few moments to chat with him. His personality and cheerful disposition was magnetic in its power. Shop workers, just free from work and still in their greasy clothes, stopping at the bank to make the savings account deposit or pay their rent, would stop to greet Mr. Haish. To all he presented the same cheerful smile and happy word of greeting. Truly, his friends are numbered in every walk of life.

Mr. Haish was a part of DeKalb. He helped build this city as much or even more than any other resident. When his shops were in operation he furnished employment for many men and he paid them good wages. His workers were not the disgruntled type and he aided materially in giving to DeKalb a citizenry that would be a credit to any community. Many families are residents of DeKalb today only through the work of Mr. Haish. The establishment of his enterprises in this city urged other business connections to be formed.

Article provided by the Joiner History Room.

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