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Haish Factory Changes

"S" barb wire sample as displayed at the Ellwood House Museum. | Photo by Jessi LaRue
The below article was published in the Aug. 2, 1889 edition of the Sycamore True Republican:


The consummation of a plan long cherished by Jacob Haish was realized last week when the organization of the Haish Wire & Implement Co. was completed. The concern is capitalized at $100,000 and will control and operate both of Mr. Haish's manufacturing enterprises in DeKalb, the wire fence factory and the implement works, now being rebuilt.

Of the capital stock Mr. Haish retains $50,000 and Mrs. Haish $10,000. The balance $40,000, he gives outright to those in his employ fifteen years or more, the distribution being made on the basis of the relative importance of the positions held by them.

Exclusive of Mr. and Mrs. Haish, the stockholders number fifteen, all of whom, with one exception, have served the requisite number of years. Their names are given as follows: C.H. Salisbury, B.S. White, Fred Westerberg, Fred W. Smith, J.F. Berquist, Peter Lindberg, Erik Anderson, Ole Nelson, Andrew Anderson, August Johnson, John P. Anderson, E.F. Collins, Andrew Nelson, Carl Swanson and J. Nelson.

At a meeting held at the office the last of the week the following officers and directors were chosen: President Jacob Haish; vice-president and secretary, C.H. Salisbury; treasurer B.S. White; S.A. Haish and Fred W. Smith. In making this disposition of his industrial enterprises Mr. Haish provides for the perpetuation of the great business which he gave the best years of his life to building up and he rewards the old and faithful employees who aided him in the work.

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