Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Haish mansion model restoration complete

NIU student Cameron Simpson has been hard at work to restore the model of the Jacob Haish mansion, and now, her work is complete!

After more than 85 hours of work on the model, Simpson shared the news on her blog that she's used to document the project. 

While she made many tweaks to improve the structure of the model, most notably she repaired the chimney, replaced missing window glass, and reattached the gazebo.

Visit Simpson's blog by clicking here, or click here to read my interview with her.

Before and after of the Haish mansion model (FRONT) | Photos by Cameron Simpson 
Before and after of the Haish mansion model (SIDE, featuring gazebo) | Photos by Cameron Simpson


  1. How wonderful to complete the model of the Jacob Haish home. I gave tours of the Ellwood mansion many years ago. I heard wonderful things about Jacob’s mansion and regretted that it had been torn down for parkingšŸ˜©

  2. That’s a wonderful story, thank you for sharing it. And for the NIU student that lovingly restored it.