Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Image of Denver's Haish Manual Training School

The back cover of the 1889-90 NWU catalog | Courtesy of the Nebraska Wesleyan University Archives, Cochrane-Woods Library
"The above cut represents the building erected at Denver through the munificence of Mr. Jacob Haish, of DeKalb, Illinois, for the Haish Manual Training School of Denver University. Bishop Warren has secured from Mr. Haish an agreement to erect and endow a department for the Nebraska Wesleyan University, on similar terms as originally given to Denver University. One-half of the gross receipts from the sale of the Haish barb wire in the state of Nebraska is to be devoted to this department, until the sum of fifty thousand dollars has been secured. Thus the department of Technology, originally projected by the University, and published in the Prospectus, has been lifted from the realm of struggle into that of security, and was inaugurated formally by Bishop Warren, at Lincoln, June 18, 1889. For further particulars address the Chancellor.

Friends of the University will adopt as their motto: 'No fence but barb wire; no barb wire but Haish.'"

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