Saturday, December 18, 2021

Haishes recognized by First Methodist Church

Cover of First Methodist Church's 90th anniversary booklet | Courtesy of DeKalb County History Center Archives
'The builders' of First Methodist Church | Courtesy of DeKalb County History Center Archives
Highlights of Methodism in DeKalb | Courtesy of DeKalb County History Center Archives

This informational program was printed by the First Methodist Church in DeKalb to celebrate its 90th anniversary in 1944.

Jacob and Sophia Haish's images make an appearance on a page titled "A Few of 'The Builders,'" which includes other DeKalb figures that helped create and maintain the historical church throughout its history.

The section "Highlights of 90 years of Methodism in DeKalb," tells the story of its start and mentions Haish's influence:

"It is well that we pause here and mention the men behind this fast growing organization. On July 16, 1866, a new Board of Trustees was elected consisting of Joel Simmonds, Albert Schryver, Silas Tappan, Andrew Bradt, and Washington Lenox. In 1879 Morris Wiley, George Shrimpton, Calvin Shurtleff, Jacob Haish, Thomas Dodge, Abner Wood and D.B. Lattin were added, all well-known figures in DeKalb History."

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