Sunday, January 30, 2022

A unique view of the Haish mansion

Jacob Haish mansion in DeKalb, date unknown | Courtesy of the DeKalb County History Center Archives

I was thrilled to find this image in the Joiner History Room archives. I wasn't entirely sure what I was seeing at first, as this only existed in a negative format. With help from Rob Glover, director of Joiner History Room, we were able to digitally process this image so that others can enjoy it as well. Much better than holding a negative up to a light and squinting at it.

This image is wonderful because it gives us a unique view of the mansion; we typically see it from the corner of Third and Pine Streets, and in most of those images, we also see the Haish carriage house next door. This angle, taken from Pine Street, allows us to see a side of the Haish mansion that is not as familiar. From this direction, the carriage house would be directly "behind" the mansion. The house was demolished in 1961.

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